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Trados 2015


Welcome to the Polakoff Studio
- Translation & Digitalization website!


Polakoff, my surname, sounds the same in both of my working languages: Polish and Dutch.


The Polish language doesn’t have many dialects and most Poles speak in a manner very close to the standard. Dutch, on the other hand, is a language with many dialects. Those from one part of the country can have difficulty understanding people from another part, which struck me as very strange when I came here, and that I found even more surprising after realizing the country isn’t very big!

The Netherlands

I lived in The Netherlands for more than 10 years, during which time I have gained considerable knowledge about the country and its citizens. Experiencing the realities of life is very important for the accuracy of translation. It’s most important to know when two elements of life differ between countries, which is critical to finding the appropriate translation.


I have been working professionally providing writing, editing, revising and proofreading services my whole life, and I have over 10 years of experience as a Dutch > Polish translator. I graduated from Lodz University in Lodz, Poland, with a master’s degree  in Polish Philology. Having spent most of my life this city, I am a Polish culture specialist as well as professional linguist.


Even though primarily involved in the Humanities, I’ve always been interested in technical disciplines throughout my life, and in particular in everything that’s connected to informatics and computer technology. For this reason I continued my education completing my postgraduate studies at the Lodz University of Technology, specializing in applied computer usage for problem solving.


My spectrum of interests includes politics and in particular NGOs. As a result, my research and work has had a focus on the world of politics and government, local government and the work of NGOs.


I have been successful at raising funds for social programs as a result of my in-depth knowledge of available sources, innovative fundraising methods and high accountability standards.

Markup languages and desktop publishing

The NGO projects were challenging because of the need to promote them. I had to gather information and create content while simultaneously handling marketing needs in order to fulfill the obligations to sponsors. My ability to work in HTML and CSS, web programming protocols for image processing and desktop publishing, enabled me to handle the workload efficiently and accurately.


The highest quality results requires that my work on a document goes beyond the text to be translated itself, and relies on my extensive knowledge and research of the discipline connected with the text. I specialize in four core areas:

  • Technology,
  • Agriculture,
  • Finance,
  • Law & Politics (European Union).